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Why choose us?

You’ll be part of an excellent training programme which gives you genuine responsibility early on.

You get to shape how your career develops and where. In fact, one of your first tasks will be to submit your overseas seat practice area preferences. Arbitration in New York? Corporate M&A in Dubai? Banking in Prague perhaps?
From day one, you’ll work alongside colleagues from around the world and deal with many of our 41 global offices across five continents, which again gives you valuable exposure to different countries and cultures. You’ll also work alongside an experienced supervisor, who will give you close support and the best on-the-job training possible.
You’ll be kept busy and will work on challenging, sophisticated and complex cross-border transactions across both the developed and fast-growth markets where the rules are still being made (often with our help).
As you manage and plan your career, both during training and after qualification, you’ll have plenty of support. Our Associate Career Framework lets you know exactly what’s expected of you as an associate at each stage of your development and is supported by a global programme of training courses.


Your Training Contract

Your training contract

Your career

An individual training contract, personal to your needs