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Your training programme, your career

We structure our training programme to meet both your short-term career goals and long-term aspirations. So how does it work?

You’ll work through four six-month seats, one of which will be in finance and one overseas. To gain contentious experience, you can choose a seat in dispute resolution, employment, compensation and benefits, intellectual property or construction.
Alternatively you can join the Litigation Training Programme if contentious work is not for you. Wherever possible, we take into account your personal preferences when finalising your seat rotation.
In each of your seats, you’ll be supervised by an experienced associate or partner. It’s their job to make sure you get plenty of opportunities to expand the skills, knowledge and experience you need to develop your own career path.
Reassuringly, the people who recruit you stay closely involved in your development throughout your period of training. They receive monthly training records and liaise directly with your supervisor about the relevance, variety and volume of work you’re doing. Of course, some of your training will be more formal. You’ll complete both compulsory and elective modules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Professional Skills Course in-house, during your induction programme and period of training. 
We also run in-house courses, specialist seminars and workshops for trainees, which you’re encouraged to attend.
Settling in – The New Associate Conference
Every new trainee attends the New Associate Conference in one of our European offices run by our People Development team. Joining other trainees from offices across Europe and the Middle East, this intensive training enhances your practical experience, providing the business, legal and personal skills you need to succeed. It’s also a great opportunity to meet your colleagues from other offices and start building the network of international contacts that will become an essential ingredient to developing your career and providing the best service to clients.